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Acne Creams Actually Work, Or Just Placebo Effect?

I've been using several over-the-counter spot creams for a long time now and have only started to question if they actually do anything other than make my face shiny and acne more apparent. They're quite expensive in succession and I was wonder if these were medically, or scientifically proven to make consistent improvement? Are there active ingredients that fight and prevent acne?

Because the way I see it, your mind sub consciously sees a difference the next day, regardless of the cream being the primary cause. As the cream makes your acne more apparent, after you wash it off, it seems decreased. That's what I think happens for me. When my cream finish, there's usually a 2-3 day waiting period before I can be bothered to buy more, I think my acne is getting worse; however, it isn't really. Which is why I think there's a placebo effect in these creams that drives me to buy more.

Anyone else experience such skepticism?

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A lot of them are not all that, but lots of money has been invested in good marketing by rich companies, which draws people in.

Occassionally there is a genuiely good product on the market, that some people have been lucky enough to have success with.

Keep you skin care regime simple. Less is more. Less ingredients=less problems.

You can't beat 100% natural products and make sure your moisturiser is non-condomogenic. A healthy diet, something like Low GI or Low GL diet helps a lot as well.

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