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Hello Everyone, i have just recently stopped taking all medication for acne, (duac, manuka honey, tetracyline) and bought myself Vitamin D tablets today. It says on the box 1 a day, although that is 400 iu, but i have just taken 3 of these tablets, equivalent to 1200 iu, i have read posts on this site and other sites about most acne sufferers being vitamin d deficient, but i use sunbeds and that will give me vitamin d also and as most people who use sunbeds will notice, their skin gets better after being in one, so i am going to take 3 of these tablets every day of this week to see if i notice an improvement and also go to the sunbeds while taking them. I am also going to drink 2 cups of green tea daily, will let you all know how i get on, but in the meantime, does anyone have any experience with upping vitamin d doseage, and if so, what were the results?, thanks everyone :).

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Hi my vit d tabs are 400iu also. I take the equivalent to 2000iu (5 tabs)

I have had decent results with this.

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oh :), how long did it take to see results, i have like, spots but redness too, but i want my skin to heal naturally and not have to use any products, will the vitamin d tablets help the redness and spots, i am also drinking green tea :), thanks.

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