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I had acne for about 8 years. I still get the weekly few from time to time, but it has calmed down a significant amount. My skin is getting back to normal :) Still some time to go before I am totally clear and smooth.

In June (5 months ago) I foolishly picked at a white head I had. It wasn't a major flaw, and I am usually very disciplined at choosing what kind of spot I can pick at. But I lost control because I was stressed out and I foolishly poked at the whitehead, squeezed, and tried to take stuff out with a pin. Very stupid thing to do. It was painful and sore for many weeks. Never doing that again.

I still have a stubborn red/purplish mark left on the top of my cheek bone, where it happened. It stands out quite a lot, especially in flash photography :/

It's been 5 months and doesn't seem to be clearing up or regenerating new skin. Is there a way to speed up this process? I heard something about a peroxide? Can someone please point me in the right direction? It's just this one mark on my face that doesn't go. :[ I can post a pic if it helps.

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Dan's AHA+ is working really well in reducing pigmentation marks on my face. Perhaps it will help with scarring? I'm not entirely sure though. Glad to hear that your skin is clear overall. That part at least must make you feel happy! rolleyes.gif

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Just done some research on PIH. It seems to be that.

Is there any medication I can get? My spots don't usually take this long to fade. i think it was because I really went at this one, it was more of a "severe" wound I caused, rather than picking at a spot.


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Fine sugar mixed with your cleanser will help to exfoliate your skin and speed up the healin process (add sugar to cleanser 1-2 times a week). Sugar is a natural glycolic acid, with is known to be good for damaged skin. Cheap and effective method.

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