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Skin Still Excessively Oily, Caveman Regimen. Can It Repair On Its Own?

I didn't have acne or oily skin prior to using products (started using them to achieve flawless skin),

during 2 years of harsh products, and a few chemical peels, my forehead and nose became greasy and dry at the same time.

I stopped all forms of cleansing and moisturizer 3 months ago, and have only washed with water a few times...

my cheeks look fine, I get a few pimples - the PIH goes away quickly without washing, my nose pores have shrunk,

however... my forehead and nose still produce a thick layer of oil, even when wiped off. Because of this thick layer, my forehead is covered in sebum plugs and irritated small red bumps. It feels really dry, when i move my brows up and down it feels uncomfortable on most days.

My doctor said it doesn't look like I have seborrheic dermatitis or anything unusual, and agrees with me that my skin has become really dehydrated and is over producing oil to lock in moisture... but she doesn't think it can repair itself without the help of moisturizer.

Won't the skin recover moisture on its own over time? It might take several months... but I would assume without washing it would eventually even itself out...

I've read moisturizer doesn't even moisturize the skin, it just locks in moisture. So it's not much different from human sebum.

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Maybe look into pantothenic acid (b5)? There are some threads in the Vitamin subforum about it, sounds like it may be beneficial to you.

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It sounds like I am going through the same thing you are. Two+ years of VERY harsh products, and I finally quit everything. The only thing that touches my face is water in the shower. My skin was veeeeeery dry, to the point where it hurt me to smile, eat and talk. After quitting washes/topicals/pills etc I expected my skin to heal by itself. I was wrong. the dryness and redness got worse!! I realized that I had to apply ALOT of moisturizer every night. I am just about a month into not cleansing, and my skin is still slightly tight, but dramatically improved. So yeah, I suggest you use alot of moisturizer until your skin heals. hope this helps.

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