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Am I Using Too Many Products On My Face?!

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After reading literally dozens of websites and reviews, especially on Makeupalley/Acne.Org/Paula's Choice, I have a sort of skincare routine I've been sticking to:


cleanse w/Clinique extra mild liquid soap

Moisturize with FAB ultra repair lotion

*I don't use BP during the day because it just has never sat well under my makeup!


Remove makeup with Clinique take the day off

cleanse w/Clinique extra mild

Apply a few drops of Acne.org AHA lotion

Apply BP

moisturize w/FAB ultra repair lotion

I only ask because at night I feel like I use too much, but Paula Begoun recommends using an AHA under the BP and moisturizer so I've been trying that. I'd also like to re-introduce some jojoba oil into my moisturizer at night, but I'm afraid that's just adding another product!

Also, once a week I use Philosophy's Micro-Delivery exfoliator after steaming my face.

I also bought a Clarisonic Mia Brush last year and I have no idea how to use it anymore - I used to use it daily with cleansing but I don't want to irritate my skin too much. Should I just use that once or twice a week? Maybe when I steam my face and exfoliate?

I really need help setting up this skincare routine!

Is that all too much? =S

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Is it working? Is your skin clear and feels moisturised? I guess that would be the best way of gauging if you are using too many products.

Do you need to use the 'take the day off' product? Are you wearing a lot of foundation that the cleanser doesnt remove your makeup? This may be one thing that you can stop using.

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If your skin is getting better then all the products u r using r fine. The clarisonic brush is great but i would prolly just use it like once a week. i have one of my own and use it only once a week. When i use the clarisonic ill first wash my face with my hands with my cleanser of choice then ill let the cleanser sit on my face for about 1 min. After that ill then run the clarisonic over my face using small circular motions. After about 1 min ill rinse my face.

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Thanks everyone!

I was just worried because everyone says to stick religiously to the 3 steps in the regimen and be careful to introduce new products, but those 3 steps alone never totally cleared me.

I do still feel like I have to use the makeup remover because the cleanser is super gentle and I don't think it removes everything - better to be on the safe side!

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