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Regarding Moisturizers And Cleansers


Haven't posted here in a while, but I have a few questions. A while ago (if you look at my previous posts) my acne wasn't doing too well. I was experiencing many whiteheads and cysts around the jawline. Since then, I decided to avoid products all together. The results have been encouraging. I've seen a dramatic decrease in cysts and my whiteheads seem to have slowed down, too. Now I don't want to jinx myself, but things seem to be improving.

I've narrowed a few things down. Coffee and chocolate (two of my favorite things) definitely contribute to my acne. Moreover, adderall and various stress. I'm studying in uni and I've noticed that I've been breaking out a more than usual lately because of exams and adderall usage. Next, I think products (specifically benzoyl peroxide) have done more harm than good.

Now that it seems like I've gotten a few things out of the way, I'm curious how I can keep improving? I'm interested in reintroducing Cetaphil cleansers and moisturizers. Wondering if some people around here have had similar experiences and if they could shed some light on light products such as those?

I'll try and post pictures of my up-to-date skin when I get a chance.

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It may be that your diet is a large part of an acne trigger in your case, so using gentle products such as Cetaphil could work well for you. I know that food doesn't really affect my acne and that using BP is what works for me.

I know lots of people who have good skincare routines with Cetaphil so you could give it a try.

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