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How Bad Did You Skin Get On Bp Before Getting Better?

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I'm on day three and my I swear I have a bunch of teeny tiny pimples on my forehead and small ones on my nose. It's making me freak out!!! I have mild acne and I'm using proactive BP cuz I had some left over.

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Thanks for your replies! I just want to be able to wear NO makeup and feel confident, I mean my acne is not horrible or even that bad, but I've always wanted clear, beautiful skin and I've never had it since turning about 13 or 14. I'll just bare with this and be a trooper and hopefully I won't have too bad of an initial break out eusa_pray.gif lol!

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I just answered this in another post. My skin went from moderate to pretty good within the first 5 days, and then went to "oh god, its worse than its ever been" with around 50 whiteheads appearing on my forehead in the second week, but they cleared within the week and from then on, each day my skin gets better and better. I'm now up to the 'not wearing makeup" stage. (dont get me wrong though...many people with good skin would probably look at me and say "that woman should wear makeup!"). rolleyes.gif

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The pimples are okay for me right now...its the flaking and redness around my mouth that I cannot stand. I've been on this process for long enough to be done with this stage I think. Perhaps I need to step up my moisturizer and use the Cetaphil...I might need something thicker. I currently use Eucerine SPF 30 in the morning and at night, I was just using AHA...because I was so dry and tight after washing.

On occasion I would put Aquaphor on around my mouth and it feels great, but the moment I wash it off, it's like I never even put it on...it must not absorb very well....

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Calm down, that's completely normal. You're only on day three. I broke out for like 3 weeks when starting the Regimen. Then I very slowly cleared. At the middle / end of month 3 is when I was completely clear. And it took time beyond that for scars to clear.

It's a little different for every person, some people clear immediately, some people clear by week 5, some people take 3 months (like me), and some people may take even longer (but it's rare). Something my husband taught me is that it has to get worse before it gets better. This is because your skin has to kick out all the gunk it was hiding.

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