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51 Days On Doxy - Question

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Onto my 51st day of doxy

Firstly, is it normal to clear up then break out every 2 weeks? Espc on my back?

I have pretty bad bacne, that's improved alot since being on doxy.

but my face still has breakouts, on my chin and on the sides of my face?

Is there any reason for this why my back would get better and my face not?

I use OXY body wash and OXY facial wash once a day

I'm currently in exams so the stress may be playing a role..

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Nah not on a topical.</p>

I use to get a good 20-30 pussy spots all over my back... now that's decreased to maybe 5 or 6? I've had two, two week periods where all i had was the hyperpigmentation.</p>

I broke out the other day and currently thr spots have died down to red marks. I use OXY for men body wash.. It's pretty effective IMO.

<p>I have 40 days of my 100 mg doxy to go, i plan to see my Docs before they finish.. May ask what his advise is or to see a derm..

Just purchased DOXY for men facial wash too as i keep on getting some spots (nothing to bad) but still enough to be noticable.

Mhmm, i know not to expect instant results, i just with there was a way to say no to spots haha..

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when i was on doxy i continued to break out, i ended up stopping my course because it had only marginally helped.

About 6 months of continuous cycstic acne passed after stopping doxy and now i am slowly growing out of it

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Still going through the phases of breakout then clearence.

The hyperpigmentation is the annoying bit. Makes my face look worse than it really is.

Off to the Dermo next week to try find a reason why. I'm clean, don't smoke, don't drink and eat very well. Grrrrrr. Maybe hormonal levels?

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