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Acne Scarring And Confidence

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Alright well today I was working with a girl from uni who has pretty severe acne scarring and I myself have some to but not as bad as hers. However when I was talking to her in natural lighting it was difficult to make eye contact with her and I didnt want to stare at her face and be rude. I couldnt make eye contact for more then 5 seconds without breaking it. And since I know what its like having these damn pitted scars I now understand why its hard for me to talk to people sometimes and why i dislike being the center of attention. I dont mean to sound like a downer, im usually a optimistic person, but acne scarring is so difficult to deal with. Like its so hard to be confident when people cannot look you in the eye for too long becasue your scaring is "repulsive" or displeasing in less harsher terms. Like psychologically it takes a big toll on your personality and makes you not want to be in the spotlight. How would I be able to get a girlfriend if she cant even kiss me on the cheeks because they are riddled with scars. I dont know what the intention of this post is but I guess I just needed to vent here about how crappy it feels to have this disfigurement.

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Seriously. I hate it when people look at me now. I can't look at another person for longer than three seconds at a time without wanting to cry/go hide myself someplace.

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Yes, I've felt like this with my scarring too. But also I think a lot of what you were experiencing with that girl was first impressions. When you first meet someone, you notice looks more than anything else (which is bad in the case of us who are scarred). But on the bright side, if you think of the people you've known the longest, the ones that you are closest to, its more the personality than anything else that shines through. When I think of my mom, its a warm fuzzy feeling, not the lines on her face or graying hairs. Having scars really tests out your relationships, and has made me value my friends and family so much more. The most lasting characteristics of a person is how they make you feel.

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