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Caffeine Caused My Acne

A small bit of history: I've had had some form of acne since I was a teenager. I've tried all the OTC remedies and a few dieting things to no avail. I am now 28 years old and finally acne free. Why? Well, I noticed that when I had my teeth whitened, my acne almost completely cleared up. So, I got to thinking...Hmm I wasn't drinking coffee of soda for a couple weeks due to the staining properties. I went back to drinking them and of course the pimples came back. I have been completely stimulant free (not that I do drugs or smoke anyway) for a month now and am 100% acne free and my skin is much less oily, as in I don't have "oily skin" anymore. To summarize, caffeine and that alone was the cause of my acne and oily skin. I now wash my face twice a day with Cetafil and nothing else...like a normal person. I still like coffee and drink the occasional cup of decaf. I say occasional because even decaf has trace amounts of caffeine.

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I've been testing this theory out. I used to drink 6 to 7 cups of coffee a night at work, between 3pm-11pm. I cut it that to 0 to see if it affected my acne at all. Going through caffeine withdrawls absolutely sucked.

I changed regimens not to long ago, and my skin is improving. Is it because of the regimen, or lack of caffeine? I'll never know, because I've been drinking decaf instead and have not had any adverse effects. I refuse to get addicted to caffeine again LOL.

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Caffeine does this to me too which sucks because I looove coffee. When I switched to tea and changed my soda to some kind of juice I noticed a significant difference. I was even almost clear! I then would give in to my addiction of coffee and thought there must be some other way to control my acne. I started the regimen and I'm never looking back! I'm so happy I did because I can still get my fix of coffee and dr.pepper although I have cut down on them to every other week..

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