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Gf Solution, Pcos, Diet, Hormones, Bc, And Adult Acne

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Hi All,

This is especially for the ladies.

On birth control to control skin? Come off BC only to be greeted a couple of months later with cystic acne along jaw line? Then back on to BC again? Considering Accutane to get off BC so you can have babies? LOL. Maybe displaying some PCOS symtpoms...acne, hirsuitism, hair thinning, weight gain? Persitent adult acne.

OK. So, after being a slave to all sorts of remedies and temporary solutions, treatments and lotions, I think I may have finally found a permanent solution for my acne.

After having been off a low dose accutane treatment for 1 year, my acne came back again and having tried everything under the sun prior to this I was desperate and dispondent...check out my blog. In my desperation, I was watching Dr. Oz...depressing...I know...but that was my frame of mind. He suggested we all try a gluten free diet for 2 weeks because 99% of gluten intolerant people don't know they are intolerant/sensitive.

From Dr OZ website:

"Interestingly, the vast majority of people – including the 99% of Americans who don’t have celiac disease – also respond favorably to a GFD. Why? Because the small intestine is not designed to digest the large amounts of processed carbohydrates present in the Western diet."

Ok, so I did it. Skin dried out (I liken it to going on accutane) and from the very first week I managed to avoid cysts and breakouts. My scars now have a chance to heal. Yeay.

I'm not so tired anymore. My PCOS symptoms (acne and hirsuitism) are slowing and reversing. I have no more aches in my legs and I now have very clear eyes.

It is actually so easy to do. Been a month gluten-free and I will never go back again. I may not have celiac disease, but surely I have an allergy to gluten!

C'mon people. Try it at least for 2 weeks.

Please reply if you have had a positive experience to going gluten-free.


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