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Pcos Is Under Control, Hormone Levels Are Normal, But I Still Have Acne!

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Hi, I'm 23 and have acne since I was 12.

I was diagnosed with PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), so I've been taking birth control pills (Mercilon) for 6 years. My PCOS has been under control for 5 years, but I still have a lot of acne (in the forms of nodules and cysts) and hirsutism. So my endocrinologist asked a series of blood tests to check my hormones. They all came back normal. These last few months I've been having a mild hypoglycemia, I don't know if it's related to the skin though.

My suspicion: is it possible that this normal quantity of hormones is affecting only my skin, giving me acne and excessive body and facial hair? Is there a test to confirm that?

If not, what are the other causes for adult acne?

Thank you!

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hi, it is possible that you have too many free-floating androgens in you rbody. Male hormones, which may be affecting your skin/oil production. A lot of people take spironolactone with birth control which gets rid of excess male hormones in the body.

Of course read about it and ask your doctor but spiro may help with oil/acne and hirsutism.


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It could be due to stress and the HPA axis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypothalamic%E2%80%93pituitary%E2%80%93adrenal_axis

Its quite a complicated subject but I have adult acne and I feel it is related to this. Note stress hormones (adnealine ect) can act like androgens and stress also triggers the overproduction of androgens. Stess can by physical (staying up late in the night - intense physical workouts, bad diet, illness ect) or psychological/emotional. Do you feel that applies to you?

Also, do you diet a lot?

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I used to get those big cysts on my neck about the size of a quarter. Tried everything , and was on high anti biotics for months- Actually made it worse. Read an article on Candida intestinal yeast infections and started taking 4 liquid capsules of pure virgin coconut oil a day for a few months.. It has anti fungal properties. IT Worked !!!!

Another thing I did was build up my friendly bacteria in my gut with PROBIOTICS. I used MERCOLA .COM. These little guys keep the yeast at a normal level. Overuse of anti-biotics killed off the bad AND THE GOOD BACTERIA- so now ya gotta throw the good BACK IN THERE !! Another good safe trick to try is 600-900 mg of GARLIC pills- unless you like fresh hot garlic in your mouth.

Still had moderate acne and backne, after cysts were gone. 100mg Vitamin b-5 or PANTOTHENIC ACID for 6 months, took care of the REST OF THE ACNE ALL OVER MY BODY ,by re-balancing my hormones. Seemed to me 2 different types and not both connected at all. Best of Luck. if it works for you ; pass on the trick to another one who needs it !!

I think this certainly is worth looking into and cant hurt you Most of us have some form of imbalance or other. probiotics--a good thing :-)

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