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My Acne Has To Be Related To Diet And Blood Sugar Issues, But Need Help!

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Ive lurked on these boards for a few weeks now. Im 29 and have suffered acne since I was about 14 and enough is enough I need to sort this!

I suffer from something which I think may be insulin resistance, and Ive read so many articles that links this to acne, so this MUST be my cause. Ive had this since I was little, my mum used to keep sweets in the car and would always be checking me incase I fainted or something, she had me checked for diabetes but was fine. Ive never really thought much of it.

A few years back I was researching into this and come up with hypoglycemia as all my symptoms matched, shaky, light-headed, sweat alot etc if I havent eaten for a few hours. I went to the doctor who did a blood test for hypoglycemia, but it came back normal. More research and I linked hypoglycemia with pcos, which again I thought I could have, as I have a few of the symptoms of that. Again tested for it and came back normal, though I think it was borderline and the gp said I might have mild pcos..if that even exists. Im from the uk btw and the doctors can be pretty useless and your stuck with them.

Anyway I tried to start eating low gi to control my blood sugar lows but have found it very difficult to keep up. I did more reaseach and found that maybe the gp was sending me for the wrong test she was sending me for a 12hr fasting test, but I read I needed a glucose tolerance test, however after asking my gp she said she couldnt do this as my fasting bloods were normal, I told her I was worried about diabetes and she shrugged it off and said I may well get it, all I can do is try and eat low gi and not gain weight.

Im at most 8 stone, always have been very slim, even when I eat whatever I want.

I have had two children and in both pregancies I was sent for a glucose tolerance test as something had showed up in my bloods, however I messed the first one up my being sick and they never retested, the 2nd one I managed but it was me who had to ask the midwife for the results and she said she hadnt heard anything for the hospital so assumed all was ok, but I never got a definate answer.

So Ive given up with the doctors, they are not interested.

The only current thing Im on at the mo is the contraceptive pill which keeps me skin managable, dreading the day I may have to stop taking it

Ive read on here about wheat and milk being possible causes and have limited my intake of these for the past few weeks, with not much difference, however Ive had a few mishaps....like a few hamburgers and a few sandwiches.

I have swapped my normal weetabix breakfast for porridge oats with fruit and have tried to cut out bread completely. Milk I only have in tea, and with my oats. I used to drink a few cups a week of it with some chocolate.

I think it will be incrediably hard and expensive to cut out wheat and milk completely and seen as I already have this blood sugar problem Im thinking that milk and wheat aint the cause but can be helped by cutting out a little

I generally have oatcakes or soup for lunch at the moment, dinners are still a bit of a challenge. As I have two young children and not alot of money, I just done know what to do. I cant eat organic for a start.

I also struggle with snacks, I have almonds and brazil nuts but thats about it, so do tend to sneak the odd biscuit most days. But my diet isnt strict enough to be making a difference really.

Im just finding this so difficult and just after some advice really. I think it would benefit me to take some vitamins but am overwhelmed by all the different ones and also heard bad things about multivitamins.

My acne is moderate at the moment, and my skin has become really oily lately. I also suffer from enlarged and clogged pores on my nose and area surronding it, also my chin. Most of my breakouts are around the jawline/chin area. I did in fact notice bumps coming up on my forehead when I was eating very strictly, am wondering if this could have been some sort of intial breakout Ive read about when changing diet??

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Are you still getting shaky between meals? Can you have eggs for breakfast? Are sweet potatoes available and inexpensive? They are great for any meal, including breakfast. You might need to eat something every couple of hours. Do you drink sugary drinks? You didn't mention any veggies.

Also, you don't need to eat low gi, you need to keep all meals (which includes drinks and snacks), low to moderate glycemic Load. It's the load of the entire meal that matters, not whether or not it includes a high GI food.

Visit the Food and recipe for ideas on what to eat: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/205099-food-recipe-resource/

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I've got similar problems. For 10 years I've had bad skin, sugar seems to make my skin worse. I was tested for diabetes last year and it was negative even though I have some of the symptoms. I've heard that some of my symptoms can be related to disorders relating to the ovaries. (which affects the hormones and insulin leading to acne) I haven't been checked out though yet.. have you considered this?

please let us know if you find out any more..

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Yes I still have shaky epiodes and more so in the afternoons. I generally have my breakfast and lunch at normal times and by about 4 in the afternoon I need to eat before I have my dinner at about 6-7ish. Yes I can have eggs and sweet potatoes. Ive only ever really had sweet potatoes as a lunch like you would a jacket potato, normally with beans or soured cream, wouldn't really know what else to do with them. Eggs again usually are along side bread, which Im trying to avoid, an omelette on its own for example will not satisfy my hunger, so how would you serve the eggs?

I only drink water or tea, never been a fan of fizzy drinks. I have veggies with most evening meals but its usually the same things like peas, sweetcorn, potatoes, as my kids are too fussy for anything else and I cant afford to buy separate stuff for me.

Ive read about GL yes, seems very complicated though as you have to do a mathmatical equation to work out the load?? or is there a simple way?

Yes Violet, I was tested for pcos, which is related to acne, and insulin resistance, other sypmtoms include infertitly and weight problems which I do not have, the common diet women who have this do is low gi again.

What is upsetting at the moment is Ive eaten lots of more fruit, still cutting out the bread and cutting down on milk, and my skin is worse!!! and I seem to have breakouts in places I wouldnt normally get them..why?!

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