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I'm sorry if this has been discussed earlier. If anyone can direct me to the thread that would be helpful, i looked through about 10 pages and haven't found what I am looking for, so hopefully i am not beating this subject to death :)

I have just started using Retin-A Micro about three to four weeks ago, i am experiencing mild peeling and redness but a lot of dryness. Currently i am using Clinique Moisture surge, but it is not cutting it anymore.

I prefer to use companies that do not animal test so Cetaphil (most drugstore brands) are out of the question :( But i do not mind paying a bit more for skincare anyhow.

Anyone have suggestions? I have tried jojoba oil as well and it doesn't seem to be enough either. I need something richer and have done some research but just wanted some personal opinions

Thanks too anyone who can help!

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I don't know your whole story, but from what you have told so far I can try to give you some tips or at least guide you in the right direction.

First let me tell you that Moisture Surge is not all that great. I used it in the past and it never really did the trick. What I liked to do is go to GNC and get there 99% Aloe Vera Gel. Take a little bit of this and mix it with Level One Clinique Moisturizer. The moisturizer from Clinique is water based and soaks in very well. Plus if you get the one for dry skin (lvl.1) then is will have more moisturizers in it. If that is still not enough then you might want to try one of their Anti-aging night creams. I'm a little bit of a Clinique fan boy. That should help a lot with the dryness. Also, I've found that if I wait about 5 minutes after my treatment (Retin-A in your case) then apply my moisture, it tends to soak in faster. I wait another 5-10 minutes and if it still feels dry, I will go ahead and apply more moisturizer. That always seems to do the trick. Also, products with SPF seem to help with dryness, but the only down side to that is you will look a little oily/greasy. Test it out and see if it helps any. Good Luck!

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Heya! A great moisturizer I discovered( just because it had a very sophisticated look) was Eucerin replenishing face cream 5% urea - It is amazing! I cant believe I spent so much money on Avene! Quite moisturising and is an amazing foundation base :)

Don't get the Avene light hydrance - doesnt do a thing! If you can find it, you can also get Avene Clean ac - a very nice moisturizer for acne prone skin

good luck~xx

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