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What Kind Of Acne Do You Have And Do You Moisturize?

Hi all, I was hoping to take a little survey of sorts:

1. What kind of acne do you have, and is your skin oily/dry/combination?

2. Do you moisturize? If so, what moisturizer?

Please respond! It'll take 2 seconds!




1. Combination skin and moderate-severe acne; papules, pustules, whiteheads, blackheads, occasional cyst.

2. I moisturize with an oil blend of watermelon seed oil & essential oils in the morning, and Egyptian Magic Cream & essential oils at night.

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This is the saddest thing I've ever seen! Anyone else?

I switched to only Egyptian Magic Cream every other day and my skin is doing a lot better with less frequent moisturizing.

Anyone else? Pleaaaaaase?

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I have moderate acne with lots of red marks. Oily skin but since moisturizing with 100% organic jojoba oil only in the morning (at night if I have extremely dry, flaky spots) it's been less oily.

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Iv'e had a mix of cystic, whiteheads, lots of blackheads and scarring. I use a seaweed balm by Oxy and a moisturiser by Simple called Clear Skin Oil Balancing. Both of those are favorites of mine and found after years of trying to deal with bad acne.

Forgot to say I have dry flakey skin but still quite greasy . . . maybe that counts as combination?

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