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The Never Ending Oozing Zit (From Hell)

So, I guess like two days ago I was at a friends place, went to the bathroom and noticed this white head in the area of the chin that sorta has a crease, like the area below the bottom lip that meets up with where the chin begins. Out of habit I popped the sucker but to my dismay/disgust/bewilderment this zit excreted the largest amount of whitehead goo I've ever seen in my entire life.

The only thing I can really equate it to, as far as volume goes, is like- there was an episode of Jackass I think or something where they popped one of those idiot's zits and it was, like, silly string coming out of this dudes skin.

Mine wasn't silly string, just a continual mass of white stuff. Gross, huh?

After the first initial pop I grabbed some TP and applied pressure to try and stop the bleeding and that didn't work, this was around 2AM and continued to bleed/ooze steadily for the next 2 hours.

When I awoke the next morning, to my disgust, I saw that it was still oozing, although not in the same volume, but still enough that it was annoying/gross/a hassle, especially considering I was at work. So for the entirety of my shift- 5hrs, I was dabbing at my chin with a paper towel/toiler paper squares and always seeing, again to my dismay/disgust/annoyance, traces of that pale-white stuff.

Ordinarily I would be able to identify this thing in a heart beat because of the area of which Super Zit is located- however, about a month ago I had my jaw broken and the surgery that was involved in fixing that severed a nerve in my chin/lip, so feeling in that area has been basically non-existent, hence why, if this is in fact a zit, I was unable to feel this thing on my skin.

So there are two problems here:

1) I'm unable to really figure out if this is what I'm referencing as a Super Zit or possibly an infection unrelated to acne.

2) How to get the thing to stop oozing a white-yellow liquid/sometimes blood (or what I perceive to be blood)?

I've applied neosporin, because at first I thought 'Oh, I wonder if I've somehow like reopened an area opened during surgery and like the shit got infected or whatever and now it's just this gross thing.' , but that didn't seem to do anything except mix with the goo and drip down my chin (of which I was unable to feel), even applying bandaids doesn't stop the goo.

I've also applied Persa-Gel 10 after thinking 'Hmm, maybe this is just an extremely gross zit- a Super Zit. Which seemed to have some effect, but I'm not sure if the drying effects of BP are the reasons behind it.

Today it's not oozing, but that's because a slight crust has formed over the area. I need to get a shower but I'm afraid that if I do, the humidity from the hot water will, in effect, dissolve this crust and the oozing will start again.

Someone tell me what's going on, because Google has only lead me into a state of idk, dude.

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