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The Best Moisturizer Ever.

After almost a decade searching for solutions that actually treat and prevent severe dry / cracked skin...

Corn Huskers Lotion:

By far the best moisturizer I have ever used for the face, hands, and skin. It's oil free and dries matte.

I simply massage the lotion into the skin until it absorbs, then massage in a bit more, targeting the driest areas. Flakes, dryness, itchiness, and redness melt away. And better yet, after months of daily use, I've seen additional improvements in the texture of my skin.

Gormel Creme 20% Urea by Gordon Labratories:

This is the best treatment for severely dry lips, period.

This stuff is simply amazing. Non greasy, non sticky, non shiny. Dab a bit on in the morning, let it dry and you're good for hours. I can smile without pain, and my lips look fantastic.

I sincerely hope these suggestions help someone who is suffering from the severe dryness associated with accutane / BP. =D

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is this good for acne?

I use it on my acne without any problems! =D

Corn Huskers is not an acne treatment, it is the best relief for all the problems caused by dry skin!

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did it help any?

and thanks aloottt ill look @ it...

idk if ur familiar with cerave products but if u can cod u answer my thread? u dont have to


Corn Huskers should have zero effect on acne.

I utilize a low-dose long-term accutane treatment to control my acne. Nothing else has worked for me. (I'm not advocating such a method, just laying out the facts as they are. And before anyone else jumps into this thread, yes I am fully aware of the risks involved.)

As for your other questions, I would try Corn Huskers first. It's cheap (only about 4 dollars a bottle) and because it's available locally, you could try it out tonight if you wished! =D

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