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Is There A Stopping Point? + Other Questions.

Hey everyone! I apologize if this has been asked a million times before, or if it's an answer that I can easily find, but I'm kinda curious. I don't have extremely bad acne... well, I won't even say I have BAD acne. It seems to be more on the mild side, definitely. I currently use the oil cleansing method, and perhaps I'm not doing it right lately, but it hasn't been working for me for the past week (started it a month ago). I have large pores and I am tired of the random huge breakouts I get every so often, so I wanted to possibly look into starting the regimen. So, I have a few questions for those of you who have been on it...

1) Is there a point in your life where you will ever be able to stop using it without breaking out badly again? I'm on the poor side and cannot imagine having to shell out $40 bi-monthly for something like this for the rest of my life...

2) For someone like me with mild acne, should I even bother with something like this? I would rather not worsen the acne, as I do not wear make-up and it would be embarrassing.

3) Adding on to that, if I plan on changing my diet to drinking only water and consuming no fructose (I drink a lot of soda and eat like crap because I'm not in charge of the groceries), and start exercising frequently (I currently don't exercise at all), is there a chance that doing that could get rid of my acne?

Oh, and I wanted to add that I tend to have very oily hair... I think that's why my forehead has a lot more pimples than any other area. Just wanted to clarify.

Thanks in advance. If this thread is in the wrong section, please move it!

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Hi there, I've been using the regimen for about 6 weeks now with great results. I would say that the answer as to when you can stop using BP is a personal one, and depends on your skin. I suppose it would be a trial and error method in slowly decreasing the amount (or frequency) you apply BP and see what the results are. I'm no where near to decreasing though, as I'm still trying to get my skin completely clear.

I'm curious to how you came up with $40 bi-monthly? Dan's products aren't anyway near that expensive, and if you buy the large bottles it would last you ages (thats my scientific measurement). rolleyes.gif

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