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What Should I Use To Fade My 3-Year Old Dark Pimple Scar?

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In the summer of 2008 I noticed a huge pimple in between the middle of my eyebrows. I popped it but it left a huge dark scar in between my eyebrows. It's so embarrassing because due to the way that the dark scar is shaped in between my eyebrows people often think that I have a unibrow. I've tried alot of products to get rid of it, but nothing works. What should I use to fade this old dark scar and get rid of it once & for all?!

Here are pictures of my dark pimple scar (at different zoom angles):




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3 years is a long time for a scar to last. I can suggest a few things, but for the most part you may need to speak with a dermatologist about more options. You can do chemical peels. Microdermabration. Mario Badescu has a Whitening Mask. I've been told by my friends, but I'm not 100% on it. Ebony skin needs to be treated differently. (Like I said, not 100% on that, don't quote me) As for any type of facial scarring, you need to figure out the type. Here it looks to be hyper-pigmentation. Personally, I'd make an appointment with your doctor or derm. to talk about more options. Like I said, 3 years is much longer than most scarring. Hope this helps? Good Luck!

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retinoids man. love them to death, though to be honest i don't know how they affect darker skin. Atralin brought all my acne out over a period of a few months. then i was left with a bunch of marks which are almost faded by now. 3 years is really a long time. maybe you've exposed that scarred area to the sun a lot which has made it permanently darker? go to the dermatologist and ask their opinion, see if a retinoid will help you. (though if you're clear, atralin is probably not the best choice. atralin is for acne. there are other types for different uses such as fighting wrinkles and aging skin.)

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