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How To Get Rid Of Acne Scars?

I was recently prescribed epidou by my doctor so I plan to use it at night after I clean my face with cetaphil and before I moisturizer. But i want to get rid of my scars too so I was thinking of buying merderma gel. Should I wait for my acne to clear first or can I use that with the epidou. I have to get used to epidou so I dont think I can but im just asking you guys =D Is epidou good by the way for mild acne. THANKS GUYS!

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You're on the right track. Clear the acne first then treat the scars. There is no real point in trying to fade acne scars if you still have acne, which will end up making more scars. As far as it working or not working for you is personal. Some people have a good experience with it and others do not. Epiduo is only 2.5% BP and 0.1% Vitamin A (Retinoid). So it's basically an acne fighter (BP) and a cell regrowth booster (Vit.A). I used it when it first came out and it did not work for me. I have very oily skin with mild/severe acne (cystic). Like I said, personal. Make sure you give it a far chance to work for you, few months or so. Hope this helps? Good Luck!

p.s...Still cleanse and moisturize in the morning. At night do the cleanse, Epiduo and moisturize. Still follow the regimen as far as being gentle and waiting in between steps. I say this only because it claims that you only need to apply the product once a day and applying anymore is a waste. I don't really understand that part, but it's whatever.

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