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Are Dermatologic Skincare Products Good For Me?

Are you using dermatologic skincare products? Have you heard of NeoStrata, SkinCeuticlas or Cetaphil? Those are some popular brands of dermatologic skincare products. Of course, there are still many other brands available in the market. Do you know why they are called dermatologic skincare products? What are the differences of these dermatologic products compared to ordinary commercial skincare products? People usually associate these products with ideas like hospitals; clinics; doctors and medicines. But, are they really related?

In fact, dermatologic product may not be a product developed by a hospital or a clinic. It is first developed in beauty salons. These products lie between cosmetic and medical products, but are not medicines. But, many manufactures are promoting their products in a way that their products are medicines for your skin problems.

Why so many people think that dermatologic products are related to clinics and doctors? This is the effect of manufactures’ promotion and different types of advertisements. People with serious skin problems like severe acne outbreak may think that these products are the medicines that they can apply to their skin which will then be healed.

In fact, when manufactures include certain ingredients in the manufacturing process of skincare products, they claim their products are dermatologic. Even though them amount of such ingredients included are of insignificant amount, they will claim so. Therefore, it is important to find the whether the product is really dermatologic or not!

Many consumers choose to buy dermatologic products because they think these products are less irritating. Because of the ingredients in the skincare products, these products are effective in healing different types of skin problems. In fact, even the medicine is effective in healing a skin problem; it is usually referring to the case of oral intake instead of applying externally.

In recent years, there are more and more brands of dermatologic products emerging in the consumer market. Though many of them are associated with terms like clinically proven, they are not necessarily safe for your skin. Manufactures love to claim that their products are fragrance free because fragrance is usually irritating. But, without fragrance, how do manufactures eliminate the bad smells of chemicals? Very often, certain plant extracts are used to eliminate such disgusting smells. But, these plant extracts can be irritating to your skin.

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