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My Regimen Log. Starting 12Th October 2011

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I've been epiduo for two months with no results so I'm trying Dan's regimen instead. I can't be bothered adding a lot of detail right now, so I'll add some as I go.

Oh, and I'm also going to stop masturbating. I don't care if you see masturbation is irrelevant, there's a hell of a lot of people on here who say it works for them so I guess it's worth a shot!

I'll be using a HD webcam too so you can see everything in its red and inflamed glory!

Day One:

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Just a few tips. GENTLE....no.....MORE GENTLE.....still no.....GENTLE!!!!! Try to be as gentle as you can while on the regimen and you might need to try it for more than two months before you give up. Don't get discouraged, keep at it. Also, make sure you don't touch or pick at your face. Might be the photo, but the one photo looks like the face was picked at. As far as the masturbation goes, it's not scientifically proven or anything, but part of clearing ones skin is mental. When I say that, I mean that when you are happy and have hope then your stress is most likely lower. Anyways, just a few tips. I wish you all the luck man!

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Thanks for the tips! I don't know, I think I have noticed a correlation between when I masturbate and my breakouts.

Anyway, I'm actually on day four now and it's obviously too soon to tell but I think things are going okay. I have slight redness but it's nothing I can't handle.

I've also been on trimethoprim for just over two months now but I don't think it's making much difference so I'm going to the derm in two weeks, maybe he'll put me on something else.

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Day 6 ( I think )

I can't find my webcam anywhere so I'll just have to use the lower quality mac one. The mac one seems to distort colour somewhat; it makes my face look considerably redder than real life.

Anyway, general report: Things seem to be getting better but I don't know. I have no new breakouts on my face but I have just got one on my neck sad.png. My face doesn't seem to have much active acne, but red marks seem to be taking an age to fade. But they never usually take more than two weeks to fade to a reasonable level. They make me look horrendous!

The Bottom Line: same old, same old

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