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Please Help Me Identify My Type Of Scarring

Here is a picture


If you were blind and you felt my face, you wouldnt even know anything was wrong because all my scars are flat. However, not many people are blind, so it looks horrible. It is almost like slits on my face. All red. I've had it for years and years. Any idea the type of scars it might be and how to take care of it? Thanks!!

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They look to me like rolling scars. You could try dermabrasion or laser resurfacing, a few treatments will help to reduce their appearance as they don't look to be too bad. :)

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It's a little tough to put a pin into the type of scarring. A lot of it looks like irritation from new and existing acne. Before you look into any treatments for scarring you should first tackle the acne. Personally I would talk with my doctor about your different options. I beat that they will tell you to first worry about your current acne situation before you even think about scarring. I know that it is tough to think about. I too suffer from acne scarring, but I had to first clear my acne before I started to worry about the scars.

If you insist on wanting to work on scarring I have a few suggestions that might help. First, try different, more gentle shaving options. As I noticed that a lot of the issue is on the cheeks and lower jaw. Maybe you can try a different razor or even consider the option of not shaving and just use a beard trimmer? If you currently are not on the regimen, you might want to look into a product by Mario Badescu called Whitening Mask. Use it once a week to help lighten the redness and marks, it also helps some people that have breakouts. The only other things is if you're not on the regimen, I would give it a try. The acne and redness will worsen at first, but it'll help with the current acne and over time the scarring will fade. Also, once the acne is clear you can look into more abrasive options like lasers and chemical peels.

The main thing is scars will last awhile. Most doctors tell me that it takes 24 months for a scar to completely fade and even then I don't believe them. lol. But like I said, talk with a doctor and find some option and make sure to clear your existing acne/irritation before you look to hard into scar treatments. Hope this helps? Good Luck!

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