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Need A Very Good Hypertrophic Scar Treatment

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Ok. So, acne has did very bad damage to my skin and left me with hypertrophic scarring >:(. I need the best hypertrophic scar treatment you know about, one that ACTUALLY works. Home remedies are also welcome, anything to get rid of these dang scars.

But yeah, please give the best treatment for hypertrophic scars that you've witnessed, work. Thanks.

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Um I'm not exactly sure if this works but I found that whenever I apply tea tree oil, my skin peels like crazy. I would this that helps with scarring because since the skin peels it means that skin cells are being killed which also means newer skin are forming. I think it might help a tiny bit in the long run.

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Number one...clear current acne if you still have new ones coming up. No point in trying to correct scars when you still have acne.

Products: I've found that Mario Badescu has a pretty good mask called Whitening Mask. Use it once a week and it will lighten the skin. I also like the Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector (serum) is pretty good too. I use both of these from time to time and they have been good to me so far. The mask, you can use even with current acne. It helps pull some oil from the skin. I've used them for about 3 months and can barely see my scars.

Home Remedies: You can do a number of masks (if you're not allergic to anything). I've heard of doing a yogurt/strawberry mask, cucumber/yogurt mask or even a simple Egg White mask. You can find a lot of "recipes" on YouTube for those. Currently my GF like to use a Honey, Lemon juice, Lime juice and yogurt mix as a mask.

WATER...drink it. I've noticed that when I don't drink enough water my scars appear to be darker. So when I drink all my water, my skin feels better and the scars seem to fade more. Eat fruits that are high in Antioxidants. They will help your body from the inside out. Finally, make sure you have sunscreen on before you go out into the sun. UV rays can do a ton of damage to your skin as it is and can even make scars look worse. (never ever tan to get rid of scars)

Hope this helps? Good Luck!

p.s...if it's severe scarring then you might want to make an appointment with your doctor/dermatologist to see other options.

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