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Guest LexieLo

Got The Go Ahead From My Dr. But.......

Guest alex losee

The side effects scare me. A LOT.

I've read load of logs that you all have written and I see a common theme of skin peeling and lips getting scary dry and painful. How bad are these side effects really? Am I going to be able to cover my scary, snakelike peeling skin with make up? I work in retail and I teach, I can't scare my clients!

Any advice would really be welcomed.

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For me, the side effects were bad at first but I got used to them eventually.

Worst is dry eyes and lips.

You must be really strong, mentally and emotionally, to get through Accutane.

It's really a personal decision; I don't know your logistics (how long you have had acne, how bad it is, what you have already tried, etc.)

So it's hard to give an opinion...

But if you think the side effects are worth the possibility of clear skin in the future then I say, go for it!

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The side effects for me really are not bad at all, ive been on 60mg's for 2 months and the only side effect ive noticed is dry skin obviously and dry lips but that's going to happen with everyone because that's what accutane does and its not hard to maintain either, get aquaphor for your lips and a good facial moisturizer and you will be fine. When i first started tho my lips where really dry but that's because i wasn't used to using lip balm and stuff but your body gradually gets used to those things.

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