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Working Out And Having Acne

Hey guys,

I know a lot of people love working out or doing certain fitness activities, but one thig that can happen is your skin may become more oily due to the build up of sweat. This is a major problem for trying to look our best. Now what I try too do is to drink freshly made lemon juice with added water to make it less sour, I mainly do this because lemons will help release toxins from the body that help create acne.

Bear in mind guys this ain't a cure it just helps slow down your acne and is a good cheap workout drink, I personally drink two glasses a day to try to keep the acne away. Try it, it can't hurt, we are all different so what works for some may not work for others :)

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I've done some research on this subject some time ago. What I found out is that sweat glands and sebum glands aren't the same. So you shouldn't worry about sweating, but you should wash your face as soon as possible after exercising, because bacteria feeds of something in our sweat. I work out three times a week and noticed no worsening of my acne because of it.

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Sweet but I still say fresh lemon juice is great for a workout, plus lemons have so many other health benefits just check the web it has loads of info on the power of lemons lol

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