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Skin "purging" With Topical Acv?

Hi- I'm an american living in Thailand and my roommate who does not speak English is struggling with very bad cystic Acne. I've been trying to help her research solutions... she's done antibiotics, all sorts of OTC face wash regimens (including proactiv) with out any success.

So I'm writing on her behalf... (That's a sort of long story to explain why I'm writing "She" instead of "I".)

She's just started a natural regimen using honey to cleanse, ACV as a toner, and a combo of teatree oil and jojoba oil as moisturizer. Been doing it for about a week.

It seems to be doing ok.. no dramatic results yet, but it's not doing harm either.

Anyway, MY QUESTION is this: She's been experiementing with different add-ins to the honey. She's tried tumeric, and yesterday evening she tried baking soda. When she used the ACV toner after the baking soda the cotton ball was very brown, like chocolate brown...and so she got a new cotton ball with ACV and kept wiping. In total she used 5 or 6 cotton balls before she was not wiping off dark brown stuff. (And No, she doesn't wear make-up.)

I wondered if it was because she had worked in her garden that day and had accumulated extra grime... But the next morning she said the same thing happened again. 5 or 6 cotton balls of brown stuff.

It seems like her skin is purging something. Has anyone ever heard of this happening? Should she be careful to only do it once a week or something? Or should she just keep "purging" until it has run it's course? Don't want her skin to freak out or anything!

Any help would be appreciated!

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I put Turmeric Powder w/ Black Pepper on almost everything I eat (quite a bit of Turmeric) 3/4 times a day. It has worked better than anything else I have ever taken. I also put 3 tbls of Organic ACV in 16oz of water & drink it though out the day to help balance my pH & for Acid Reflux (works good for both). I use Baking Soda to help with scars, it does not help me with Acne at all. Before I thought ACV was working great as a toner until I stopped taking Turmeric for a couple days. I think she has the right products, just using them the wrong way. I haven't tried Organic Turmeric pills w/ 95% Curcumin yet, but that could be a stronger dose of Turmeric if the powder doesn't work. Hope this helps.

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Bump smile.png any one have any thoughts? Has anyone experienced anything like this?

the dark stuff coming off on her cotton swabs seems to be decreasing. I'm hoping this is a good sign... hoping that means her face has rid itself of toxins or something that was causing all the acne.

Also her acne is improving. Fewer hotspots and old spots are healing up.

However, her cystic acne areas (mostly under her chin) are not improving. Some of my research is showing castor oil compress applied directly to the cystic acne can help. Seeing as her face had so much "junk" that it needed to get rid of, I'm wondering if she needs more of a deeper detox to get rid of the cystic areas? Has anyone ever used castor oil compress directly on cystic acne?

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