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The Slightest Imperfection Sets Me Off

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I am in my 50s. Most would not consider the skin condition on my face that severe. However, looking at me you would know I have had a history with acne. But the slightest imperfection I see with my skin (in a photo, mirror ect...), sets me off on an emotion roller coster. I just get so upset! I wonder what I can do about it. I wonder if I can make my skin look great again. I hate the emotional hell I go through.

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Mmm, I know what that's like lol.

It's horrible having to go through it over and over again.

Have you thought about going to a derm/GP & seeing what he can do about your scarring?

I've read here people have had some success with using laser treatment and such, it's worth some research

Might be something to try, good luck!

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Totally understand. I have a lot of red marks from picking frenzies that isn't too hard to notice with makeup... however in the sun without makeup I look horrible. I know that it stinks feeling like that but you feel a whole lot better if you look at the big picture rather than zooming on a little imperfection. :)

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Im 42 and i feel your pain.I deal with the emotion roller coster every day

I starting to think it will never go away I hate the feeling it causes & trying everything there is to control it but nothing has worked

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