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Nutmeg And Milk Paste Cure For Acne Scars?

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I've been suffereing from acne since 4 years now. Now the rate of pimples popping up on my face has been reduced, but the scars that the old pimples have left dont seem to be fading. I've heard the paste of Milk and Nutmeg(powdered) , applied for half an hour on the face fades scars magically over time.

Is this true or just one of those stupid myths ?

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Lemon and tomato mask

Lime and tomato

Turmeric mask

Cinnamon and honey

Cut lemon slices and rub them across your face, AFTER washing with a mild cleanser of course (preferably one which is less chemically invasive). Once the lemon is half dried, rub the tomato slices across your face. You can do this morning and night - just pick off lemon and/or tomato bits, let it dry and put on make up if you want.

You could also do a turmeric mask, making the powder into a paste with water and then putting that on your face for an hour but that will stain fingertips and basically anything it touches...and its kind of messy...but it works too!

Also, try M2 Skincare 20% mandelic acid serum. Works miracles and it's like $50 for a HUGE bottle. Works WONDERS even while under make up too.

I've tried all of these methods MYSELF and they work! I say this after using hydroquinone and 35+ prescriptions including antibiotics, getting microderm sessions, paying for facials and giving up on all dermatologists because they all seem semi retarded or undertrained.

Don't believe those ppl who say natural remedies are retarded because they're WRONG. There's a reason why fruits and veggies are so good for basically every living creature, you know.

***once you rub the lemon across your face and that liquid is half dried on your face, I meant***

Don't continually reuse lemons or tomato slices either. Keep using fresh ones.

Hopes this helps!

Stupid myths.

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