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Birth Contol Questions (Coming Off Certain Ones)

hi all.

after reading possibly 100s of comments regarding woman who have gained weight/got acne after coming off the pill I have a few questions if anyone might be able to help.

if you're on a pill such as diane or yazmin, i hear those are the higher dose pills that make a lot of woman gain weight. Do you think once coming off it you're likely to lose weight? I personally didnt gain weight going on diane but I have read so many reviews of woman coming off pills and gaining weight despite them eating the same as before and exercising the same (not sure what pill they were on though). if you're on a high estrogen pill would your chances of not gaining weight but even losing it be higher when coming off it?

I understand enough about the acne side with coming off the pill (sadly) but i suppose im just in question about the different pills and although the high doses help with acne and the lower doses apparently doesnt make many people gain weight then would there be at least one benefit of coming off a high dose pill such as weight loss despite the horrible acne?

also i was curious as to why not all woman are affected with their hormones. For example all those woman that go on and off birth control and dont have issues with things like hair, weight or acne...in the slightest :/ but they are still messing with their hormones like we all. we're all humans though, its strange we all dont react the same when something like hormones are in concern. kinda like if you cut yourself the reaction is to bleed but if you mess with your hormones some people dont get obvious reactions :/

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Go see a Chinese herbal specialist. No, seriously! The herbs they give you will keep you from getting acne, keep your skin clear, naturally and safely regulate hormones and generally improve your health overall. It'll also keep you from gaining weight - assuming you don't down Big Macs every day for breakfast lol.

Try also taking dong quai and a zinc tablet each day for natural hormone regulation. Also, try Saw Palmetto. I hear that works WONDERS for hormones and skin too. I've tried all these options, btw (other than that Saw Palmetto which I will be picking up this weekend) and all have worked WONDERS for me, though Chinese herbs do need to be changed with each changing seasons (so say, 2 - 4 times a year you get a different set of herbs). I say this after having been on Yaz and Loestrin - seperately of course - for acne control...and of course those both gave me acne (-_-)

Oh, forgot to say, you can get Saw Palmetto, Zinc, Dong Quai etc blah blah blah at Walgreens, WalMart, convenient places like that.

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