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How Do I Fix These?

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It looks like the spots are still a bit "hot", like you just squeezed them. But really....they're not that bad...at ALL. Give it a week or two and I'm SURE they'll go away and be dried up.................

But you can always try natural remedies. They cost less and don't have any of the negative side effects of manmade chemicals. I've had plenty of dark marks from using BP but fortunately learned to stop using that stuff. My spots go away in about a month but now even faster since I've stopped using BP and harsh products.

Here are natural ways of lightening dark marks without lightening the REST of the skin (a side effect of commercial skin lighteners - the name escapes me).

1. Honey and cinnamon mask

2. Lemon astringent

3. Tomato and lemon

4. Tomato and lime

5. Turmeric mask

The tomato, as well as the lemon and the lime will not only lighten dark spots but will also regulate skin oil production and tighten pores. Truly a miracle right in your fridge! Also, the tomato, as well as the lemon will tingle a little bit but that just means its working.

If you've been using a lot of commercial products though, give your skin a week to just heal and cleanse itself. Wash with water and a natural face wash for a week or so until your skin isn't reactive...otherwise, any natural product (like cinnamon and honey) can cause a slight allergic reaction. My impatience meant I learned this the hard way.

In the future, when you extract acne, rub lemon and tomato on the spot IMMEDIATELY (literally, slice a fresh lemon and a fresh tomato, after washing your face, rub the lemon slice across your face and when that is halfway dried, rub the tomato slice). You'll see the spots don't get NEARLY as dark and will heal twice as quickly as if you'd used some harsh chemical.

Avoid scrubbing your face with scrubs. But if you insist, once every week and a half or so, maybe, GENTLY use baking soda, making a thin mask as you mix it with water and LIGHTLY scrub once or twice up and down your face, just to remove dead skin cells. Using any scrub too much can cause acne due to skin irritation (Trust, I learned the hard way (-_-) smh) If you see your face is RED after you've washed it or that the skin becomes dry and tight, whatever you did/used was too harsh. This will help prevent dark spots in the future.

Also, try to M2 Skincare 20% Mandelic acid face serum. It keeps your face oil free during the day, kills bacteria gently and lightens spots! it also tightens pores! It'll tingle a bit for a few minutes for the first few days but again, that's just how you know it's working.

Just a few suggestions :)

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They will heal on their own. No need to spot treat. Just leave them alone and don't touch/pick at them.

The post above has some good tips too.

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