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Please Read Important Question About Accutane

Help I have been on accutane for 3 months and everything had been great I was perfectly clear. I think I made the mistake of using cetaphil as my cleanser big mistake it doesnt remove makeup at all and so I woke up the other day with like a million little whiteheads and some small pimples to all over my nose and upper cheeks I'm so upset i mean granted its much better than having big cysts but really? I don't know what to do I thought it was maybe the cetaphil so I went back to neutrogena and it's maybe a little bit better I'm just pissed because I feel like this shouldn't be happening when I'm on this med I was doing so good and it seems like I've taking a step backward Ive also had this stupid mouth sore in the corner of my mouth for like 4 weeks now and it's painful and won't go away. My skin also flushes and is SUPer sensitive to everything I try to wash and moisturizer with I hope this doesn't last after I'm done thanking the medication or cause rosacea will it? I'm seeing my derm on mon so I will be asking him all of this but I just wondered what all you guys on the board think about this???

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Get carmex for the sore in the corner of your lips, I had the same problem due to the cracking/super dryness while I was on accutane. Some of the sensitivity will likely go away, but mine didn't all together. I swore by Nivea Visage's sensitive skin line while I was on accutane. Their gentle cleansing cream for dry/sensitive skin washes off all makeup but didn't irritate my skin, and I also used the rich moisturizing day care and rich regenerating night cream. Post accutane it didn't keep me clear though, as my oilyness eventually came back, so I switched to another product for sensitive skin, but it's stronger (Korres white tea fluid gel cleanser) so I wouldn't recommend the korres brand cleanser while you're still on accutane. I still use the nivea night moisturizer though!!! I found the nivea line as gentle as cetaphil but it actually removes all your make up and gives a cleaner feeling, yet adds moisture somehow.

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Try putting hydrocortisone cream/gel on for the next week and see if the allergic reaction goes away in a few days. The gel is stronger than the cream but if you have a problem with oiliness, the cream might be better. Drink lots of water too. I had a terrible allergic reaction to something a while ago RIGHT on my face TWO DAYS before a wedding (-_-) and this worked wonders for me. You can get it at your local drug store, pharmacy, grocery store (probably) or even WalMart/Walgreens/Walbaums.

Be careful using Accutane - it can make acne come back, your hair fall out, damage your liver and cause birth defects.

I wish you the best!

Also, try using Vaseline (petroleum jelly) or shortening (yes, like your momma uses for biscuits [if she makes them lol]) with a cotton ball or soft rag to remove make up. It takes it ALL off, including water resistant mascara. Then wash your face after with something gentle.

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