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I'm new here but I'm glad I've found a place where I can ask questions of people who understand my predicament. I'm 21 and currently battling with the most stubborn cyst of my life! I was hoping some of you on here would be able to offer suggestions on speeding up the healing process/home remedies or at least tips on makeup that will make this thing look less monsterous. Normally my acne is fairly mild, just pretty much a few patches of whiteheads on my forehead but recently I've been breaking out a lot more (similar to the hormonal breakouts I had at 14/15) and I'm not really sure why. When I was younger I tried oral antibiotics and topicals but nothing really made a difference. At 16 I went on birth control pills (Kariva/Mercette) to control my skin (among other things) and it seemed to do ok, I still broke out sometimes but not that often and I pretty much just dealt with it because it wasn't that bad. As the years went on my skin got more and more tame which was great. I would still have an occasional breakout but nothing drastic. This year, in May I stopped the pill and my skin was actually the clearest it's ever been which I was psyched about. I hardly had to wear any makeup all summer long and I figured I was now past the point of pubescent teenagers who have to deal with the plague of acne and I would finally be able to just have a "normal person's" skin care routine (washing my face with something from target, no pills, no topicals ect.) but recently (beginning of September) I started breaking out a lot again. I would get several whiteheads at a time, which I would just pop and deal with and gradually as September wore on I developed several cysts.

I'm heartbroken, I thought this phase of my life was over!!! I'm horribly embarrassed. I'm a college student and I work 30 hours a week and I have no time to be sitting at home with masks and BP and everything on my face. So, I went to the derm on Monday and got prescribed a mild cleanser (similar to Cetaphil) and Clarifoam EF 2x a day. So far the Clarifoam has been doing a nice job with the whiteheads I have but this one stubborn cyst won't go away. I've never had one this big, and over the last few days it seems to have only gotten worse, developing into a fleshy scab with inflammation flanking the edges, about the size of a quarter. The worst part is that it doesn't even seem to be healing, I can still feel the bump under the scab. It's right in the middle of my forehead so I can't cover it with my hair and it's really noticeable.

So my question is, does anyone out there have makeup tips for covering cysts? It seems that the makeup I've been using has only been making my zit stand out more. It's so frustrating to have one gross pimple keeping you back from being almost completely clear and I just want to at least cover this thing!! Also, I have a little patch of red skin on my chin that the derm attributed to Rosacea (which i've NEVER had in my whole life) and everytime I try to cover it it looks flaky so any tips on that would be great as well! THANK YOU

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If your cyst literally stands out against your forehead, I think you're out of luck. The one you could use is a fairly thick concealer/cover-up to camoflauge the redness, but other than that, you're right - you'd probably just be drawing attention to it more. I can sympathize: even when I get (nearly) flawless skin, I'd get a pimple once every few months or so and go totally berserk trying to cover the thing up with makeup before realizing that even with a shit-town of foundation/powder/concealer/cover-up on top of it I couldn't really hide squat.

I say just leave it alone as much as possible - any makeup will just probably make it worse. Your cyst WILL clear even if it takes two weeks (mine have!), but rest assured that it won't be on your forehead forever. Just wait until it becomes a red or dark mark before you start dabbing cover-up onto it.

If you're really desperate though (and I wouldn't actually recommend this), start off with a base coat of foundation (go for non-comedonic, hyperallergenic). Then use a good thick concealer (I really like Amazing Concealer - the stuff works insanely well) on top and make SURE the colour is right, because nothing makes a pimple more obvious than a spot in the middle of your forehead that is obviously a totally different shade from the rest of your skin. Finally (in order to make sure your makeup stays up), use a loose powder (also non-comedonic, hyperallergenic) all over your face to set it.

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Haha I had a cyst on my forehead once. That was some good times....

Well first of all, it helps to reduce the swelling. Putting ice on a cyst for a few minutes can help to reduce the swelling so it doesn't stick out as much.

Im not really good at putting makeup on a cyst however, when I do I usually apply a small amount around the area for the most part. Its impossible to cover it up completely sadly, and if you try it still shows but not as bad. Just try to dry it as quickly as possible and it will become easy to cover.

Hoped this helped somewhat! :)

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Not much you can do for a large cyst other then apply a little concealer or foundation to reduce the redness. I would avoid using pressed powder. I used that stuff for years to help take the shine off my oily skin and after reading so many articles about makeup making your skin worse (the irony huh? Since we use it to cover our flaws!) I decided to give my skin a break from it and see what happens. Wow, what a difference! Turns out all that pressed powder was causing my skin to produce even more oil. My skin may look shiny but it is nothing like the oil slick it used to be after wearing powder all day. I've been powder free for over a year now. I still use a little foundation (Revlon with SPF 6) and concealer if needed but instead of powder I now use those blotting papers you can find at most beauty shops.

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