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Tomato Sauce Recipes - First Up: Portobello Pizza!

A friend gave me this wonderful idea..

Portobello Pizzas! They are the kind of pizza you eat with a fork and knife, but the taste is just as satisfying as pizza and you can choose how healthy you want to make them...how much/little cheese you want to use, what other toppings to include...

Here's how I did it (I've seen many variations on time and temperature in recipes online)

Pre-heat oven to 375.

Scrape gills out of mushroom.

To dry out the mushroom - bake it completely plain for ~7 minutes on each side, then set on a paper towel.

Next, fill the gill side with your toppings. I used a big spoonful of tomato sauce and a mixture of white cheese (mozzarella, parmesan, romano, a few others?)

Next time I will try adding red peppers, spinach, onions, broccoli, and basil.

Bake in the oven for ~ 12 minutes.

Even though you "dry it out" at the beginning, the tomato sauce really soaks in and marinates it. I imagine if you didn't dry it out it would be way way too mushy and runny. Don't skip that step!

Anyone else tried something like this before?

Also, any more good ideas for tomato sauce? I'm trying to eat a lot of it since I'm running in the sun more lately...


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Yes. You can also do this with eggplant slices and other squash. I grill them first and then add topping and put under the broiler. Make lasagna and 'pasta' using slices or strips of squashes or spaghetti squash. Although I think spaghetti squash is better in Asian-style dishes.

And the quickest Tomato Basil soup ever:

Pour about half a cup of a good jarred tomato basil sauce into a large mug. Thin with boiling water or cold and put in the microwave. I usually add chopped spinach or other green usually from the bag I always have in the freezer. I might add a spoonful of yogurt to turn it into a 'creamed' soup. I might add a bit of fish so it's like the Cioppino soup they sell at Whole Foods. (but true cioppino is more complicated than that). I might add a sprinkling of parmesan. But I always drizzle on a bit of olive oil.

I do this a lot in the evening when I don't want to cook and don't want to consume many calories as I often quasi-intermittent fast. And every now and then I decide to try to get lycopene daily and so do this daily if I don't make something else involving cooked tomatoes.

Note: The only reason I'm in favor of jarred sauces is the glass jar. You want to avoid tomatoes from BPA lined cans. And most are in BPA lined cans. But read the labels to pick varieties with the least amount of junk added. Classico Tomato Basil is an acceptable, commonly available inexpensive sauce. But that only applies to the Tomato Basil version. The others are full of junk. And Classico deserves points for putting the sauce in reusable mason-style quart canning jars.

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