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Dull Dead Disgusting Dermis

Hi all,

Okay Ive been on the DKR regimen for approximately 5 weeks. However I'm only applying BP once daily at night because my skin is extremely sensitive. In the 3rd week I've tried applying BP 2x a day starting out slowly but I still got EXTREMELY irritated, red, itchy, face. Then I went back to applying BP only once at night. My face is clearing up (still breaking out but not as much) but I know for a fact that I have to apply BP x2 a day to get clear skin.

Here is my problem...I havn't exfoliated my skin in 5 weeks and it looks very dry and dull with a top layer of dead skin cells..i know gross! Im not sure what to do...can I get Dan's AHA and use 1-2 times a week in place of the BP at nite? Im not "fully" on the regimen so I dont know whether to incorporate AHA into my regimen. Or is there a better way to exfoliate since my skin gets easily irritated? PLZ help!

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I think if it looks like that it's safe to exfoliate at this point by using the AHA or a facial buff. I have heard users on here say they occasionally us a facial buff. If you break out more, it's safe to say exfoliating was bad for your skin. However, I have only been on dan's regimen a few days. But in my experience light exfoliating when needed has been fine. I myself am confused about how to apply the aha..

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