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3 Week Remedy Needed - Is It Oil Pulling?

Hi forum.

I have had acne ever since i was a teen. Usually blackheads on my nose and more regular spots on my cheecks and chin. Pimples are common place on my upper arms, shoulders and neckline too.

It has improved as i used to get boils oon my nose anf face when stresses but stopping using microginon for conraception stopped this. Now i still have a few on my face but still loads appearind on my upper arms, shoulders and around my colar bone.

In three weeks i have a really important thing happening and it is so important that i have good, clear skin.

My frind has reccomentded oil pulling which i tried today for the first time. However i read on this forum about 'healing crisis' what does this mean? should i expect it to get worse before better? I can;t afford this to happen as i cannot control my picking. The idea of having anything under my skin really freaks me out and i have to squeeze. If i flare up i will get scabs for sure and they won;t go in three weeks.

Can anyone help please?

Kind regards,

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If you have problems with touching your skin, only allow pulling stuff out when you're willing to keep it minimal. I.e. only mess with spots that have heads and even when doing that be very gentle about it. Although I do see some sense in the caveman regimen I don't think worrying about not touching your face is a good replacement for touching it/using tons of product on it. So what I'm doing now is not spending as much time up close to my bathroom mirror/letting my fingers drift along my skin looking for flaws. Instead I prepare nutritious meals which are a reminder that I'm taking the time to not only improve my skin but my overall health.

Try taking out soy, gluten, vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup, canola oil, etc. and dairy(minus yogurt, goats milk, light cheeses like mozzarella, and kefir) for a couple weeks (wheat if you can stand to) and try to keep face-touching to a minimum, especially those couple of days before you have this really important thing. Try to eats lots of organic veggies, fruits, and meats from animals who ate their natural diet and got to walk/swim around in their lifetime. Find some sweet substitutes for things packed with sugar and if you think you'll miss cookies/baked goods (like I did) look up gluten-free recipes and make your own version/monitor how much sugar goes into it. These are pretty much my own guidelines, feel free to check out the other threads pertaining to diet and mix/match/adapt to your own needs. If you're going to make food part of your journey to clear skin, at least make it your own.

Oh, but you were asking about oil. Play with it to see if it breaks you out or not. I use a couple drops of jojoba on the parts of my face that tend to be dry (just under corners of mouth, nose, under eye areas, whatever), leave it on for however long suits me, splash part of it off with water, let the rest sit. I used to cleanse with it in the shower but found it always made my hair line feel greasy upon drying no matter how I tried to avoid it touching my hair (it is good for your hair and scalp but makes it look greasy on days I'm out and about so I avoid it then). I also have a little vial of camellia oil that's good for fading scars.

You could always check out the Vitamin subforum for ideas if you're into taking supplements.

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