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Question About Retin-A And Chem Peels

Hey guys, this is actually my first post on here. biggrin.png Anyways, heres my current regimen.. Since I've been doing Retin-A .0025, I've been doing AHA cleanser in the morning w Paulas BHA liquid followed by BP on problem areas, then either Jojoba oil, or my neutrogena Deep Hudration Moisturizer, then Replenix Advanced Photoaging sunscreen (good stuff). PM I sometimes change it up. I'll do AHA cleanser, BHA liquid, wait 30 mins, Retin A, wait 30 mins, CP's, wait 5 mins, then Jojoba..

Okay, so I've been on the Retin A for about 2 weeks now. I started peeling a bit on my forehead area.. Peeling it away and revealing the new skin is kinda fun.. biggrin.png Anyways, I have a 40% Lactic Acid peel that I used twice already.. Once 2 weeks ago on A Sunday (left on for 1 minute), and then again this past Saturday (about 3 minutes). The last one I did, I probably left it on a tad too long, mainly on areas that had some blemishes on them..I must've not washed it off as well as I thought.. The skin looked a bit swollen.. Needless to say, the next 3 days, those areas were dark, and discolored.. I knew this was a slight burn from the peel so I was rather liberal about applying neosporin to those areas..I'd say by about Wednesday, that skin had peeled off and better looking, evenly toned skin under it was revealed. Now my question is this.. How can I incorporate these Lactic Acid peels into my regimen while currently on my Retin-A, and avoid the dreaded initial breakout when I go to resume the Retin-A again.. Basically they say to stop using Retin-A about a week before your peel, however I feel that I can tolerate ceasing the Retin A a day or 2 in advance to the LA peel, and for a couple days afterwards (assuming no burns or severe irritation)...I like doing the LA's because it seems it helps with my current acne, but the Retin-A (after the IBO) seems to help with it too, after the IBO is done with. I figure they both have the "un-gluing" effect of the older outer layers of skin, which prevent its accumulation, which in-turn helps prevent the pores from being clogged..

It's Friday now, and am going back and forth on whether or not to do the Peel on Sunday (8 days from last). I'm anxious because I have SOME active pimples, mainly on the temples and 1 or 2 on my lower cheek, and LA seems to be rather quick with clearing those up...But again, back to the initial question.. If I stop the Retin-A today and tomorrow, Peel on Sunday, no retin A on Sunday, Monday, and maybe Tuesday, resume it on Wednesday, is this too much time for the skin to be off retinoids, for it to have to get "re-acclimated" to it again, thus the IBO? Thanks guy, Can't wait to hear from ya's

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Well I will say I've never used a chemical peel in my whole life. I am also on retin-A right now, 0.1% cream, but I'm thinking you should just use the retin-A. If you really want to you could wait a little more like three or four days so your skin will be less irritable. Do you use any treatment in the morning? That could help.

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