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Vegetarian Alternative To Fish Oils?

I've been reading good things about taking fish oil supplements and would like to try it but as a vegetarian I wont be ingesting anything which comes from a fish, I'm highly intolerant to all fish and meat products after many years of vegetarianism so even though I'm so desperate to get rid of my acne I'll try anything I wont try something which is going to make me sick. So I was wondering is there a vegetarian alternative that works as well? Once upon a time I took flax seed oil instead of cod liver oil but that was for healthy joints.

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If i remember correctly my sister who is vegan takes flax seed supplements, which has a healthy dose of omega 3. You might want to check up on that to see if i am correct, but i am pretty sure flax seed oil is a good vegetarian option to replace fish oil.

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Off the top of my head, Flax Seed Oil is very good for this - it tastes terrible though, Blegh! I used to just chuck some in a glass of water and try drink it. Capsules are a better alternatives, but finding ones that are vegetarian are a slight issue (most capsules are made from gelatine, which is not vegetarian).

Have a read up on spirulina. It's a good source of Omega 6 afaik, but there may be some issues with it's omega 3 content - it's nevertheless probably a good supplement to take anyway.

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