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Post Cysts And Lumps, Can't Shift Red Marks.

Hey everyone,

I've been struggling for most of the last year and this one to rid myself of some pretty bad cystic acne.

The antibiotics I've been prescribed have certainly done the job of 'smoothing out' my face, but it's left some nasty red marks across my face and chest.

Here is a list of the medications and procedures I currently take.

In the morning:

Cephaxilin Sandoz 500mg: 1 tablet with water

Benzac AC 10% benzoxyl peroxide:

Obviously wash the cream off at night.

At night

Cephaxilin Sandoz 500mg: 2 tablets

Stieva-A cream .1% tretinoin, left overnight.

And here are some photos of the (un)sexy beast himself.





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I would try and get a higher gel version of the Stieva and a lower formulation of the BP. BP doesn't help red marks fade at all, it aggravates them. 10% is really strong.

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Thanks, do you have any information on the BP making red marks worse? My dermatologist prescribed to help fade the marks away or why else would I have it?

Another problem I forgot to mention is that I experience extremely dry skin to the touch during the day, despite frequent short washes, or longer massage type washes.

Are there any other non prescription remedies you know to be likely to be successful? I live in Melbourne, Australia, not sure if I can get Stieva over the counter.

I hope you understand the confusion I'm feeling as I dive into this site with literally dozens of suggested remedies, creams, oils, facial peels, and dietary changes...

As an esthetician, do you have any knowledge of light facial or chemical peels that can be performed at cosmetics type places around Melbourne? I've seen a few posts on this site with some appearing to be quite effective after only a few weeks.

I have my formal coming up in a few months, as well as university after that. I don't want to go into university without as much self confidence as I can have.

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So I have decided to email and telephone my dermatoligist for some more information on chemical peels, mostly in an attempt to find out where to do them, since I don't' want to risk doing it myself, being a helpless boy.

I would assume the majority of cosmetics or skincare type places in Melbourne have treatments for post acne redness but it's just a matter of finding out whether my derm will give a recommendation.

It's been a bit dull on this thread since I asked for help so I thought I'd post my decision and if I do end up getting the peel my results will follow, hopefully they are a success!

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