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Maximus Decimus Merideous

Isopropyl Myristate...if It's So Bad Why Is It The Only Thing That Works

Hi guys. So there is a product that I used to use forever called Prascion. It is a cream with sunscreen, sodium sulfacetamide, and sulfur. Now, sometime last year they changed up their formula and added the dreaded "isopropyl myristate". If you don't know what that means, do a little bit of research and you'll find out it is considered to be very pore clogging. Anyways, this ingredient change made me furious, but I decided to keep using it to see what happened. Low and behold 5 months into using it my skin was doing better than ever, but I was so paranoid about the myristate that I stopped using the product, and I have not been as clear as I was since. Recently, I have been breaking out more than ever, so I decided to go back on the prascion cream (I also use epiduo at night). Its been about 4 days and I am already clearing up drastically. Maybe my skin doesn't care about isopropyl myristate? I have been doing a lot of research about this ingredient, and Paula (from Paula's choice products) says this on her website:

"Used in cosmetics as a thickening agent and emollient. Historically, animal testing has shown it causes clogged pores (Source: Archives of Dermatology, June 1986, pages 660–665). Results derived from animal testing were eventually considered unreliable, however, and there is no subsequent research showing this ingredient is any more of a problem for skin than other emollient, waxy, thickening ingredients used in cosmetics."

But, Paula also says that sulfur is bad to use, and prascion has 5% sulfur in it. Anyways, I don't know who trust...i guess ill just trust my skin and keep using this stuff...my skin seems to like it.

Also, the myristate is the 11th ingredient out of 21 (so exactly the half mark).

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Honestly it all depends on each person. Any info you can find is generally meant to be a guide to people so they can have some idea of what might be good and bad for them but it varies from person to person. The only time to be concerned about something is if it actually adversely effects your health (like cancer causing ingredients!). So if your skin is accustomed to it and there is no research to support any adverse health effects then I say onward, onward!

Also testing on whether something is pore clogging, harmful, etc. on animals is usually pretty crazy... It's because it's hard to tell long term effects on something (the studies would have to span long periods of time, who would fund them?), so they think the next best thing is to waaaaay overdose it. For example, FDA-compliant testing on rats on whether the saccharine found in diet sodas was bad for you or not was done by giving the rats the amount of saccharine that would be had if they drank 1,250 12-ounce diet sodas every day of testing(http://www.foodpolit...n-tiny-amounts/ is where I found that) - which is obviously a ludicrously high amount. No one would drink that much.

Just like no one is going to spread pure isopropyl myristate all over their face every day. We really have no way of knowing how they decided it was pore clogging. It just may be for some but not for others.

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@Nyanyan: That is very true...thanks so much for the input! Just goes to show you that you shouldn't take any study or any piece of information at face value. Ill keep the org updated if it starts messin up my face, but in the past it hasn't, and so far its reallyyy helping me clear up. eusa_dance.gif

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