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A Few Questions About Aspirin Masks/salicylic Acid In General

So yesterday I read up on aspirin masks, and noticed that they have gotten a fair share of rave reviews. In the past, I've never had much success with salicylic acid (though I've never broken out from it, either).

Anyway, I'd like to give aspirin masks a shot (1-2x a week?). I was wondering what is okay to make from them and what isn't. Now, since I'm at a college in the middle of nowhere, 'ingredients' are limited, since there isn't exactly an abundance of health food stores around. I do have a bottle of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother), though, which brings me to my first question: I generally use ACV as a toner every night, undiluted (worked my way up from a 1:3 ACV-water ratio), which has been working with moderate success; the only area in which I break out anymore is around my mouth, which is probably the least attractive place IMO.

So, first question: are you able to use ACV in your aspirin masks? I don't see why you wouldn't be able to, but I figured I'd ask.

Second question: how often should you use aspirin masks?

Can you use benzoyl peroxide cream after washing the mask off? Though my success with BP has been limited, I have noted subtle results.

One more question (I know, it's a lot for one thread): I have read about how great honey is. Unfortunately, as I mentioned, I'm on a fairly isolated university campus, and the only honey available here is SueBee clover honey (processed, I assume). I know it won't have the effects of organic honey, but will it have any positive effects whatsoever?

Also, recommendations for other 'ingredients' to the mask would be great! Thanks in advance for your help.

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