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You Have To Try This!

Hi all,

This is really just to help all you folks out there suffering from the ravages of acne, esp severe adult acne

My skin seems to be playing a merry game with me. Breaking out, in cysts. Not normal acne, but those big bumps, that turn a lovely shade

of purple/red. :(

It got to the point that I was hiding from my b/f when one of these mothers would appear. :( he thought i was upset with him, but couldnt bring myself to tell him i was looking hideous, and didn't want him to see it. :(

anyway, I have been scouring the internet, and came across turmeric for boils.

Now I have been taking it and also using it on my face.

both r working well, but i have to say that taking it in a glass of warmwater is working much better. Now the thing with turmeric is it cleanses the liver, and a whole bunch of other things.

Now, I also have been getting (this part is a bit embarrassign) large bump or 2 around my time of the month, but down in the female private part. tbh, i rather it pop up there, than on my face, any day. I noticed a bump down there today, but it was small, as I have been tkaing the turmeric once a day every day for about 2 weeks now. anyway, the bump tonight, has disappeared, normally it ends up getting really big, to the point its so uncomfortable, that it makes walking a bit uncomfortable.

so i am as pleased as anything with this result. I really think for me, its having an effect on my liver. the breakouts I get now, are minimal, and healing up very quickly and not turning into monster bumps, that hang arund for weeks on end.

be careful if u use it on your face. it stains towels, etc etc. apply on face with a cotton ball, if u like , but it can take a while to get that yellow look off your face, but face comes up looking so good and soft.

this is my difficult time of month (ovulation) for my skin, and so far, nothing has popped up to ruin mysocial life.

if u google, its very helpful for healing cysts and boils. i take one tsp in a glass of warm water, with a bit of black pepper (just a dash ) this helps the body absorb the turmeric. u can do this twice a day if i see my skin breaking out, i up it to twice, and then its back to normal, i do a maintenance of a teaspoon per day in warm water

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Still completely acne free!!!

Not one pimple on my face!!!

I am only taking a teaspoon a day, and some days I skip for a day and then start again

Kinda wish other ppl would try it, and see if it helps them as well

its so simple, so cheap, and has soooo many other health benefits.

i am suspecting its the liver cleansing abitilties of the turmeric, thats helpng, as cyst like acne, can be hormonal, or toxins the body is not filtering properly, i.e. thru the liver

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Well this very interesting, maybe I should try this as well. Where could I find some turmeric powder or do you know a good brand? I try to eat healthy but during the school day I can't really drink water and my school's food is almost always not very healthy. Best way to start taking it? Also thanks for starting this topic!

EDIT: I just searched it and I'm thinking I might have some among the other spices. Hopefully I do! catdance.gif I do have some turmeric but it's just a very small container. There's barely any left in it. I have a very large bottle of cumin so many I can google more on “cleanses.”

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I buy it @ Walmart (McCormick's brand, only brand they carry). $4.58 a bottle. Add Black Pepper. See fast results.You can add a generous amount to your meals or drink it with warm Milk/water (and Black Pepper). Let me say the water mix was awful but still worth it.

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