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Accutane Results In 9 Days ?!?!?

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alright so i started accutane 9 days ago, and don't get me wrong im still getting pimples, but i am ALREADY seeing results hahah this is fucking awesome.

My face was horrible like i couldn't even bear to go out, and now i can manage. Even with the new breakouts, they arent as frequent and the pimples seem smaller and less irritated then before...but the MAIN thing ive noticed is a change in my skin tone and texture. i seriously cannot get over how smooth my face is already and how the skin tone has evened out.

I guess what i mean by evened out is that the previous acne marks arent so red, the actual acne is still kinda red but as i understand that is expected with tane, and my skin color seems more healthy.

Side effects are just dryness and back pain, not really pain but just soreness.

Has anybody gotten results this fast?!? Haha i dont wanna just be excited over nothing. My oldest sister was on accutane like 10 or so years ago (for severe back acne) and said it cleared her up in a month with like no side effects, so maybe its in my genes to do well on accutane? haha idk

***EDIT*** on the second day (i think) i had an IB but it healed fairly quickly

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Yep, some people get extremely quick results, and some people get extremely slow results.

I'm glad to hear it's going so positively, let's hope it continues.

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I am on my 7th day on Accutane (20 mg a day) and I am breaking out I think and today my lips are getting dry. Good luck and I hope you won't have much acne for long! :D

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I'm on day 5, noticed my skin is less oily, mild peeling, and my lips are dry, so yep, I guess some results show up sooner rather than later.

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yeah i cant reaaaally say ive had much improvement since then..a breakout here and there..i just wish it was like two months from now so i could see some major results hahaaha.

To the people that dont get results quick don't be discouraged or anything its not like i had any MAJOR improvement

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