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No Luck, Looking For Ideas/suggestions

Hi, it's me again smile.png

Since my last post here, I've been trying a few things. Here is a short list with everything I have tried (nutrition wise) so far:

Strict low carb for three months, vegetarian, vegan with only whole wheat. Avoiding milk/cheese/dairy, avoiding oranges, avoiding fruits altogether, no added sugar, no fruit juices. Drinking lots of tea, changing the pillow/towel on it every day. Not masturbating for three weeks. Drinking only water. Changing cooking oils to more saturated or unsaturated ones. Getting more sleep. Getting lots of sun. Exercising. Multiple vitamins, Vit D supplements. Eating more omega-3 fatty acids.

Lately I did an elimination diet with only eggs, fruits and bread with butter. All this didn't change the pimple rate or the severeness - I still break out regularly sad.png So far I didn't even notice a connection between my diet and my acne except more outbreaks after a drastic change of diet (e.g. from normal to low carb).

Introducing or drastic changes in diet (like from normal to low carb) always induced more breakouts but this elevated level soon normalizes to the steady flow of say 5-10 pimples a week.

My acne f***ing has to have a reason but I can't seem to find one. The last thing I probably want to try is an (anti) histadelia diet. Did anyone here have some success with it?

Are there some things I should have checked at the doctor's? Thyroid? Something else? I don't have any digestion or other problems.

Does someone have a suggestion or a hint what else to try?

Edit: oops sorry, wrong subforum. this should have been in 'nutrition & holistic health'.

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