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Deep Blackhead With Redness Around - Help? (Picture)

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Hey guys,

I've had this little blackhead under my eye for probably a good month now. I tried gently squeezing it when it first appeared but nothing happened. I ignored it figuring it would go away eventually. Now it feels like there's a small bump around it, and there's redness around it. I'm afraid of getting a cystic pimple, last time I had was was over 2 years ago and in about the same spot (I've gotten them twice under the same eye, one under the other).

Today I gave it a good squeeze and the only thing that happened was a bit of oil came out, so I stopped, put some hydrogen peroxide on it, then later some Epiduo. I was icing it as well. Attached is a picture of what it looks like, both up close and normal. Any suggestions on how to get rid of this little guy? It hurts too!



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Guest Timehealsall

no offense tarasarus, but that looks very very minor.

the hole i mean looks minor.

Hopefully you do not develop a cyst though

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I would just leave it alone for a little bit honestly :(. Maybe take some ibuprofen (3-4 or 1000mg, I promise it won't hurt you but that's the only way the inflammatory properties will kick in) and ice it so it doesn't turn into a cyst because that's probably the worst place to have one.

I had a bump like that pretty much in the exact spot for I kid you not, three or so years. It was never really that big. It was just like a little tiny thing. It got bigger as my acne got worse and I just decided to get rid of it one day but don't aggravate it because that's not a great area to try to pick. For whatever reason... it's just not. Can't get the right angle and you will just end up irritating your skin more.

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