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Eyelid Irritation?

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I'm posting this in here because it has nothing to do with acne and also I have no idea where else to put it! This ONE eyelid irritation has baffled me for going on 2 years now...so here is the story. Anyone-anyone with ideas or feedback feel free to respond.

So about two years ago or so my right eyelid started to itch. Not both, or my eyeball-but my right eyelid. Between the crease in my eyelid is where the irritation is the worst. My eyelid is not red or swollen. Nor is there a rash or raised bump(s). The best way to describe it is it feels tight, extremely dry, and itchy. It comes and goes in terms of irritation. It will be fine for months or weeks and just like that it is back. Only on the right eyelid. I will mention that both of my eyelids around the socket where your lid meets the bridge of your face(the hollow part between your eyes-I hope I explained that well enough) has a tendency to dry and flaky. Though, that area is the worst in appearance with the flaky skin - that area does NOT itch.

I refrained from wearing any eye makeup-including face makeup to see if this eyelid irritation would subside. Sadly, it did not. I went without for about month to 2 months-which is when I finally made an appointment with an Optometrist.

The eye doctor said it was an irritation and prescribed an optical steroid lotion safe for the eye area. Wasn't an answer as to why, but at that point my eyelid was driving me crazy, so anything would help at this point. It almost immediately stopped the itching. Within a couple hours the itch was gone. Then when the lotion wore off it was back. I'm not crazy about putting a optical safe steroid on my eyelid at all. Safe or not! It's still a steroid. Your eyelid skin is so thin, fragile, and delicate as it is without adding more problems into the mix.

To make a long story short. I figured it was not my makeup because I went so long without makeup and that burning, itching, sensation was still there. Regardless if I wore makeup or not. I use CeraVe gentle cleanser. It's about as gentle as you can find. I also had been using this cleanser for almost 2 years already prior to my eyelid going itch crazy on me. My lotion is also gentle, it is by Avene. It is the most basic lotion for extreme sensitive skin you can find. Also, which poses no problems for other areas of my face. I currently do not use any eye cream-specific for the eye area. Other than my lotion, which is eye safe. I figured also it cannot be my facial routine including, the makeup, lotions, cleansers, etc. - because my other eyelid is fine. No reaction. No burning. No itching. Just my right eyelid.

Help! This completely puzzles me?

ps. No, my eyebrows do not have dandruff.

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Do you wear nail polish? The chemicals in nail polishes are the most common source of eye irritation, and if you're right-handed, you probably touch that side more than the other. Other hand products like fragranced hand creams can cause a similar reaction. Even your hand soap. You can try going fragrance free and skipping the manicures to see if that helps.

If that's not the issue, then there's two other possibilities. If you part your hair on the side and use hairsprays or other misting styling products, it could affect one eye more than the other. Or...if you sleep on your side, then you might have issues with a particular fabric, fabric softener, even pet hair.

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1. No Nail Polish

2. I agree with the right hand comment. That is food for thought!

3. Hand soap/lotions are the same as my body lotion/soaps. I'm super sensitive-so I just use the same thing for everything. Cuts out a lot of confusion. Why? This is bothering me so much!

4. I do have long hair, it's always pulled back. Styling products consist of shampoo/conditioner. That could be suggestion? But, why not both eyes?

5. I do sleep on that side of my face. I do own a pet, but for the most part have never had an issue. Free/clear detergent. no fabric softner. Hmmm? IDK? Maybe it's time to replace my pillows?

Thank You so much for the thoughts and suggestions! It's mind numbing trying to figure this out!

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Change your pillows to hypoallergenic, wash your pillow-cases often in hot water and maybe try aloe vera? I have the same problem occasionally. They make nice lotions for your eyelids but since your skin is so sensitive I'd try aloe first.

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Threw my pillows in the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes. It's suppose to kill any dust mites that live and thrive. Ewwwww. Just the thought. In any way it gives me peace of mind. The end.

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i have a problem with my right eyelid which is also the side i sleep on the most... but i think its due to BP that comes off my face and then when i move around it somehow goes into my eye =\ idk.. but its frustrating because i look funny :(

its not red and its not itchy, just swollen :|

oh, i forgot to mention, i have decided today to not sleep with any kind of products on my hair or on my face so that i dont get it on my pillows and onto my eye..

although the irritation might take a while for it to go away (last time i had it, it took close to a month for it to heal), i hope it'll prevent future problems :s

good luck!! try washing your pillowcase often.. maybe buy one for each day? and dont sleep with lotions or hair products? just a suggestion.. good luck to us both

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