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Tanning Beds On The Regimen & Feeling Sad And Discouraged

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I have been on the regimen for almost 6 weeks (Saturday) and am still breaking out. It was deep acne only on my chin and the occasional zit on my forehead or cheek. Now, I seem to be getting a lot of whiteheads in place of the deep acne (with 1 or 2 deep cysts still) which is leaving lots of scarring since it keeps happening in the exact same spots. I used to use a tanning bed when I was having bad breakouts as it not only seemed to help clear it up a little but, because I am so light skinned and the scarring sticks around so long, being darker helped hide the scars and leftover redness. I have read all the sunburn alerts about the BP and AHA making skin more sensitive to sunlight and am curious if anyone has had any experience with tanning while on the regimen? Obviously, I don't want to get burned but I'm wondering if just a little bit of time (5-10 minutes in a level 1) might help me without burning me. I do have moderately sensitive, generally dry, skin.

I am just so tired of popping ibuprofen during the day because my chin hurts and looking at whiteheads every time I pass a mirror that I have to wait until I get home to deal with hygienically and properly. Acne is just having such a negative effect on everything it my life. I don't want to go out. I don't like my boyfriend looking at me because I feel horrible about myself and my chin is always hurting so I am always acutely aware of the acne.

Any advice on any of this would be greatly appreciated?

(All regimen products)


1.) Wash

2.) BP

3.) Moisturizer mixed with 3-4 drops jojoba


1.) Wash

2.) 4 drops jojoba (added this about a week ago)

3.) BP

4.) AHA+ as a spot treatment on S,S,T,T and all over face on M,W,F (added this about a week ago)

5.) Moisturizer mixed with 3 drops jojoba

I also take (and have been for a long time)


Fish Oil and Vitamin C 2x/day

Zinc & Vitamin E 1x/day


Sprintec Birth Control pills

Low dose Propranalol 2x/day (preventative for migraines)

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Sorry to report that both BP and AHA+ increase our sun sensitivity. So even if you don't burn you are likely exponentially increasing your chances for skin cancer by using tanning beds in conjunction with the Regimen. That is why it's suggested to wear sunscreen if you'll be outside for more than 20 minutes between the hours of 10am and 3pm (strongest sun time) - to try to protect us from skin cancer. I wouldn't suggest it. I know it's kind of a bummer but keep your chin up! I was having a similar experience at about 6 weeks and at 8 weeks I was pretty much clear, at least 80-85%. So being clear can be just over the horizon!

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