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Hydrogen Peroxide And Isopropyl Rubbing Alcohol 70%

I had some questions about these two types of alcohol to clear up acne. So my question is, which one should I use? I read that hydrogen Peroxide is really good for acne and so is Isopropyl. Which one should i use? How many times should I apply it a day.

I currently have mild acne on the middle of the forehead. I used to have MAJOR acne around my forehead but then I asked my doctor for Rectin A and has been clearing up, but now I'm left with a couple pimples and A LOT of brown spots on the middle of my forehead. A lot is about 5-6. How should I go about clearing these scars, they're really annoying. I have a Fauxhawk so i'm very conscious about how people look at me when I have acne. I'm sorry if this paragraph seems confusing, but I'm very tired from school. Any help would be great. Thanks

Oh and Rectin A doesn't seem to be working as well as it was before. I'm going back for a refill after using the same bottle/container for 6 months now. My daily routine is to get up wash my face with water and then at night I would cleanse my face with Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit cream cleanser and then just putting on my Rectin A .05( I think)

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I used rubbing alcohol on my forehead 2x and broke out in little tiny bumps all over.....

I used it on my cheeks and T-zone a few times and the same thing. little tiny bumps.

It irritated my skin too much, but I have extremely sensitive skin. Plus it's very harsh anyway. MAybe if you use a moisturizer it can balance it.

I only use rubbing alcohol to clean my tweezers and needles that I use to pop zits.

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DO NOT use either of these on your acne. Hydrogen peroxide INCREASES SCARRING so should not be used under any circumstances. Alcohol is just way too drying for your face. Avoid these alltogether.

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I've never used alcohol so I have no advice for that. I have used peroxide before and I thought it actually helped. I never heard of anyone using it but I'm adventurous and I had a whim. I first tried it on a popped cyst after it drained as much as it was going to. After I applied the H.P. with a cotton swab I applied a dab of triple antibiotic ointment. The spot healed alot faster than normal for me.

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