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Taking It Off - Baby Wipes

I started the Regimen yesterday and today I realized theses gentle products aren't getting all my makeup off. I used a baby wipe to get it off tonight which seemed to work pretty well. Do ya'll think those are okay to use on my skin or is that too harsh because the texture of the wipe is a little rough? I did the baby wipe before washing my face so any chemicals or whatever on the baby wipe is pretty much immediately rinsed away, I think. If you have an inexpensive, drugstore makeup remover that works for you please tell me about it or if you think the baby wipes are fine, I could really use some advice. Thanks!

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I've used baby wipes to take my mascara off when I've been really tired (usually 3 on a Sunday morning :lol: ) or I'm feeling particularly lazy, it never hurt my skin but it wasn't that great either because it tended to dry me out. I used to use baby oil which was alright, too.

I think the best method of makeup removal that's safe for your skin and eyes is extra virgin olive oil. It's extremely cheap, lasts forever, won't clog your pores - the molecules in the oil are too large - and it won't hurt your eyes (if you get enough in there, you'll have cloudy vision for a little while which is no big deal). All I do is massage some into my palms and gently rub it into my face and over my eyes, then use cotton makeup pads to remove it. Then I follow with my usual cleanser, and it does a pretty bang up job of getting rid of it all. :)

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