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New User - Leave Bp On The Whole Day?

Hi dan and everyone else rolleyes.gif

I am a new user to THE REGIMEN and I have recently purchased the products from acne.org

Before I ask my query just to let you know that my daily routine consists of the following:

  • Wake up in the morning and get my daughter ready for school

  • shower and get ready for work

  • drop daughter to school and go to work where I sit in front of the computer all day

  • pick daughter from school and go home to cook (which is indian cooking so oil,spices etc etc and also standing next to the cooker for almost 2 hours)

  • give daughter shower and get her ready for bed

  • then a few hours for myself before going to bed

Now, my question - Can I do all of the above (remember the pollution to work,school,in front of the computer, cooking, hot oil etc) with BP on my face?? confused.gif Since the regimen involves washing face only twice a day - which im assuming would be when i get ready in the morning and just before bed!?!?

Please advise.eusa_pray.gif



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The regimen should be done every 10-12 hours, and per the guidelines that Dan posts on the website, after the BP treatment is applied, it should be allowed to dry and then followed up with the moisturizer for the entire day (or night), until the next sequence is done.

Long story short, yes, you leave it on the whole day.


The above link explains everything in detail.

Good luck!

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Your skin absorbs it so it's not just sitting on your face (thankfully), and then you apply moisturizer which also gets absorbed... and after that even if you take a shower or sweat or anything along those lines it's fine as long as you continue the twice daily application.

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